OJST Guest Strip + Etsy Revamp

Exciting news today: I did a guest strip for my friend and studiomate’s webcomic, Oh Joy Sex Toy! (Warning: NSFW)

ASMR by Grace Allison

ASMR is something I’ve experienced all my life and only just discovered early this year. I was relieved to know it was normal and thrilled to discover all the ways to trigger it! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, no worries; check out the comic!

In other news, I’ve revamped and stocked my Etsy store! The store is called Grey Alice, and I have special packaging materials that include a logo I designed:


I’ve got buttons, postcards, and charms up for sale now, as well as my limited edition metallic Mass Effect print and, possibly most exciting, a preorder for my next limited print! I just finished the illustration for it, and it’s a homage to one of my favorite games of all time…



Giovanni’s Mansion + RCCC Preorders

I recently participated in a Pokemon fanart jam to provide art for a fan-created Pokemon RPG! My piece had the theme, “a Trainer carrying his/her Pokemon to safety.” I ended up drawing an Ace Trainer running from some ghost types in what appears to be one of Giovanni’s abandoned summer homes? I don’t know.


I’ll have prints of this available at Rose City Comicon on September 20-21, as well as other prints, buttons, and more!

One thing I’ll be doing less of, however, is original commissions at the show. It keeps me from being able to pay attention to people who stop by, so I’m only taking a few over the duration of the show. This doesn’t include pre-orders, though, so if you’d like your very own illutration from me, email me at the.grace.allison (at) gmail.com. Please include the subject matter and what size and level of finish you’d like.

Here are examples, details, and pricing:

I work in two sizes and with three levels of finish: tight pencils, ink and greyscale marker, and ink and full color marker. Includes one 3/4 body character with minor background. Please ask about additional characters or more detailed background!

5×7″ Rates:
$15 Pencil – $30 Greyscale – $50 Color

9×12″ Rates
$25 Pencil – $50 Greyscale – $75 Color


Society 6 and New Art

I’ve had some requests to make prints or shirts with my art available for purchase, and so created a Society 6 store! Check it out through this link and you can even get free shipping until May 11th. I’ve posted images of some of the items for sale below. Feel free to drop me a line if there’s something you’d like to see added to my store.

  Also, I wanted to post some of my recent artworks. This one is fanart for one of my best friend’s webcomic, Aether: Earth and Sun, a delightfully cerebral fantasy story with a female protagonist. Well worth checking out!


And then, I have a comic and a drawing from my long-running D&D campaign, because I am a nerd. Enjoy!

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