Everything is Awesome

After a bit of a break, I am back to posting! I unfortunately don’t have a lot of work I can show, because lately I’ve been doing some coloring for Dark Horse. I will, of course, update again when the book comes out and you all can see for yourselves!

Life has been eventful. I moved back to Savannah for my last year of college at SCAD. Portland was absolutely great and I’ve tagged it as my future home, but for now… gettin’ that BFA. I’m takingĀ  a class called Character Design and Storyboarding for Animation with one of my favorite professors, Ray Goto, and it is basically all fun all the time. It’s a heavy work load, but c’mon. I’m drawing cartoon versions of the cast of Star Wars and True Blood!

I also was recently accepted into the Professional Mentor Program, which is a new thing for the sequential department. I’m not sure what all it entails yet, but it looks like I’ll be studying with Rob Atkins! I’m pretty excited.

And just to put something up, here’s a quick bust of my D&D character, Elspeth.