Commission Pre-Orders

Convention season is right around the corner! This year, I’m making myself available to do pre-order for commissions. If you’d be interested in owning some original art from me, here are some reasons why it’d be a good idea to pre-order:

  • I’ll have more time to spend on the piece
  • I’ll have easier access to any reference I need
  • I won’t have to turn anyone down because there’s not enough time
  • You can just swing by my table for pick-up, no waiting!

The fine print:

  • Sketch pieces are $10
  • Greyscale marker pieces are $20
  • Color marker pieces are $30
  • Commissions are done on 5.5 x 8″ smooth Bristol board.
  • Pricing is for a single character (not counting small animal, so for example, a commission of Bolin from Legend of Korra could include Pabu)
  • No advance payment required, pay at pick-up during the con
  • To order, e-mail me with the subject Commission Pre-Order
  • Include your contact info, commission type, and subject

What might they look like?

Below are example images. As commissions, they were mostly photographed rather than scanned, so I apologize for the image quality.


Sketch commission featuring Yoko from Gurren Lagann.


Greyscale marker commission featuring Catwoman from Dark Knight Rises.


Color marker commission featuring Ryu from Street Fighter.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE! Click the below image to get a better look at a bunch more of my favorite commissioned pieces from previous cons.


Hope to see you all at some conventions this year!