Roll Reflex

Now that Rose City Comicon has passed, I’m able to share the piece I did for their exclusive calendar, which was illustrated by the members of Periscope Studio. I got to be Miss September 2014!


The theme was Portland, so I did a homage to one of my favorite local places, Guardian Games. They have recently moved to a location that makes them the biggest game store in the country, and in my opinion, they are also the best! They’ve got a huge stock, a friendly and comfortable gaming environment, and fun events on a regular basis. They even have a 21+ area for those who like to have a drink while they game! If you’re in the area, I would highly recommend heading over there for their anniversary party on October 5th.

And that’s about all I can share for now! Lots of commercial work means lots of NDAs. I am getting work done on Wander #4, though, and here are a few panels of pencils from it…

wandersampleOlive wakes up about as happily as I do, apparently.