Holiday Commissions for Cats in Need

Holiday Commissions for Cats in Need

It’s my personal Christmas tradition to make a donation to help shelter cats find homes. Since I don’t have a lot of expendable income this year, so I’m asking the Internet for some help! More specifically, this face is asking you for some help:


My cat Cleo thinks having trees and presents to chew on is a basic feline right.

Here is my fundraising page! You can donate as little as $5, and the page has a breakdown of exactly where the money will go. If you can afford a bit more, however, I’m offering some sketch and cel shaded color commissions that will be ready in time for Christmas! I’m happy to draw your friend, your dog, your D&D character, etc. An original commission would make a great gift, especially accompanied with the story that it was paid for by helping adorable kitties.

Here are some examples of the commissions I’m offering, and how much you’d need to donate to get them!



Please do check out the page, where you can read more about my goals and why this is so important to me. I’d also appreciate help getting the word out, so please share! Thank you, and happy holidays.