OJST Guest Strip + Etsy Revamp

Exciting news today: I did a guest strip for my friend and studiomate’s webcomic, Oh Joy Sex Toy! (Warning: NSFW)

ASMR by Grace Allison

ASMR is something I’ve experienced all my life and only just discovered early this year. I was relieved to know it was normal and thrilled to discover all the ways to trigger it! If you have no idea what I’m talking about, no worries; check out the comic!

In other news, I’ve revamped and stocked my Etsy store! The store is called Grey Alice, and I have special packaging materials that include a logo I designed:


I’ve got buttons, postcards, and charms up for sale now, as well as my limited edition metallic Mass Effect print and, possibly most exciting, a preorder for my next limited print! I just finished the illustration for it, and it’s a homage to one of my favorite games of all time…