Cyber Monday + News

In honor of Cyber Monday, you can use code ATTACKOFTHECYBERMEN on my Etsy store for 25% off all items! Includes buttons, prints, and this original Sailor Moon marker piece.


Moon Prism Power Make Up!!

Secondly, the fourth issue of WANDER came out! You can read it here for just 99 cents, which is a bargain for this particular issue. There is humor! Drama! Partial nudity! A big fight!! Below is one of my favorite panels.


In other news, last month I got engaged to the wonderful Rich Ellis! Here are our sweet matching rings.


They’re walnut with an inlay of Sleeping Beauty turquoise.

And finally, I’m wrapping up my fundraiser for the Cat Adoption Team. For kicking just a few dollars my way to help cats and kittens find homes for the holidays, I’ll send you a personalized postcard! I also did several commissions for it, though they are unfortunately sold out now. Check back here later in the month if you’re interested in holiday commissions!


The layout for the postcard I’ll be sending!